How to Get Free Coins In Homescapes Game – Best Tips & Guides

how to get free coins in homescapes

Hey guys, want to get free coins for your homescapes account? Don’t worry; this ultimate guide will help you not only to get free coins for homescapes, but also will be sharing a secret way to play this game in an effective way.

Getting free coins in homescapes game is not a big deal when you have sufficient time with you to spend in the gameplay.

If you have lots of time playing the game, then there is nothing which will stop you earning free coins from the game itself.

All you have to do is just complete your daily tasks day by day. Even if you don’t have time to play the game, just open it for 10 minutes and collect daily rewards for each day of the week.

Why We Need Coins In Homescapes?

You must be thinking about why we need lot of coins in the game and what are the uses of so much coins? Let me tell you, coins are the superior currency in this game. You can buy almost everything with the coins. Except stars.

However, stars can only be earned by playing match 3’s in the game. You need to beat match 3 levels to earn stars.

Stars, then used to complete various in-game tasks. Perhaps, we are talking about the coins and their uses in the game so let’s focus on this topic now.

So, coins can be used to buy boosters in the game which will help you beating match 3 levels. Coins will buy you valuable lives when you are out of the lives to play match 3’s.

Coins can also buy you moves in between the match 3 levels to complete the level in one go.

You can also use coins to change your interior decoration of the mansion once you decorated it but wanted to replace the specific object with a new design.

How to Get Free Coins?

Now that we know what coins do in the game, let’s talk about how to get them for free. So, there are lots of freeways available in the game itself to get free coins.

Don’t worry, we are not going to talk about any hack, to learn about the reality of homescapes hack no survey you can visit this site. This site will clear all your doubt regarding this topic in a broader way. Because it needs to understand that homescapes cheats without human verification and all are nothing but a myth which will never work for anyone. Instead, you should do the best out from the real tips and tricks just like the same which are mentioned below.

  • Complete your daily in-game days to get free coins as well as various rewards at the end of the day.
  • Do favor to in-game characters who will sent you bunch of free coins in a good faith.
  • Visit the game daily even for 5 to 10 minutes just to obtain various gameplay rewards including free coins for each day a week.
  • Participate in the game events and competitions to win cash prizes like coins and boosters for free.
  • Level up in the game and get free coins in homescapes with each level up and updating your skills and experience.

These are some legit ways to obtain free coins in the homescapes game. As far as the stars are concern, there is no other way to get stars other than beating match 3 puzzles.

Secret Way to Play Homescapes

Lots of users surprised when they see anyones gameplay of homescapes and see that this particular person has a lots of stars in his account. How does he have lots of them?

There is a secret of getting these stars in a bunch in the game.

All you have to do is just keep playing match 3 levels and beat levels one by one to just collect that much stars in your account. Once you beat like 30 to 40 levels in a series, you can also see 40 plus stars in your account. Just the condition is, you should not invest them in the gameplay while you are collecting them.

This is the secret of playing homescapes in an effective way by collecting stars and free coins for homescapes. Good luck.

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