A Complete Game Guide For Fishdom Players

fishdom game review

Get to know more related to lives

If you love to play challenging games in puzzle or arcade category then Fishdom is a good option. There are different types of arcade levels available in the game like tiles levels, mixed levels, and nugget levels. The objectives of all types are different.

Yes objectives, when you start playing the arcade session at that time game assign an objective with every level. Players need to achieve those objectives in limited moves those given by game. In case, you cannot complete level in these moves then you get failure.

Whenever you are failed in completing level in that condition, you face its bad consequences. The main thing that affects from it is the number of lives. With every failure, the number of lives is reduced. Every player has five lives at beginning of game.

At once game player loses all lives after that he or she needs for wait some time. This time is taken by the game to replenish those lives. You are able to skip this particular time period or replenish process by spending some gems.

Best source to collect game funds

In the Fishdom game, there is not any type of currency generating building or unit available. It completely depends on the efforts of game players. As more they clear the puzzle levels, they can get amount of game money. By it, players are able to get some game bonuses.

These bonuses are helpful in eliminating lack of game currency and buy few beneficial things to decorate the aquarium. You should try to complete the levels in fewer moves as you can. The number of remaining moves is also a factor that decides the amount of reward.

fishdom tips for coins

By it, game players are able to receive more game currency and may get good amount of gems (premium currency). In this way a limited amount of currency provided by the game. If you want to acquire endless gaming funds then you should consider Fishdom hack tool services. An updated source to the latest fishdom cheats can be found here now.

Pay attention to health of fish 

When you are decorating the aquarium or playing puzzle levels at that time you need to take care of fishes. In case you are not paying attention to their health then they may die and your aquarium becomes empty. In this particular situation, gamer may face loss of game money.

You are able to maintain good health of fishes by providing them food on time and properly. Now the question is how to know that fish need food. For it, you are required to check out the energy bar of fish that appears with fish.

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With it, the icon of food also starts blinking or appearing on the bottom of the screen with the icon of arcade levels. After pressing that icon food is automatically provided to the fish for restoring the health.

In this way, you are also able to receive an amount of currency as bonus in the form of coins. By it, your fishes also become happy and you are able to play game effectively. As a result, your XP level also increased.

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