How To Earn Rainbow Stones In DigimonLinks?

Basics To know About DigimonLinks

Most of the game developers try to come up with the best games and the studio which always comes up with the best game is Bandai Namco which is popular for its new game called DigimonLinks. You are able to download it for free.

The IOS and Android version of this game is same and there are thousands of players who are playing this game. You need to keep this thing in mind that you are here to battle and protect. You are able to choose digimons and then upgrade them.

Saying in the game language, you are able to digivolve them into another form. This will help you create a team of powerful digimon and then you are able to play 3v3 matches. Well, such things are the reason behind the awesome gameplay.

You have to earn many things like cluster and digistones. Well, Rainbow stone is also the term which is used in the game and you can earn it by leveling up. So you should be completing the levels and the maximum number of levels you will complete, the more you will earn.

My Method Of  Earning Rainbow Stones

If you think that upgrading will help you in this thing then you are wrong because you can earn 2 rainbow stones by this method and it won’t collect you a good amount of it. In these conditions, you need to rely on other methods.

As I am also the player of this game and personally, the method I used to avail rainbow stone is multiplayer rooms. You are able to earn with the help of this thing but you should make sure that you use good players in multiplayer’s room. This is the good method of earning resources.

However; there is one more alternative which works perfectly is DigimonLinks Hack Tool and you are also able to use it in a Smartphone as well as PC due to its compatibility. You should keep this thing in mind that there are lots of programs which are same as this one and they can harm your Smartphone badly on download so avoid downloading such programs.

You are able to spend it on Gacha shopping spree but don’t spend it because you need to hold it for a long time. Well, there is a simple reason that is to complete the events. Don’t spend a single one until you have a huge amount of it.

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So, What To Do Now?

There are lots of time when you are able to find that you will end up collecting many digimons which are same and in this conditions, you are able to do a couple of things so you should choose the right one wisely.

As you have collected lots of Digimon from gacha, you are able to combine then and make a clone which is most preferred option for expert gamers. This thing will help you get the advantage in battles and win with ease.

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