How To Build A Good City In Final Fantasy XV A New Empire?

final fantasy xv a new empire game guide

The Final Fantasy XV A New Empire is based on the battles and city building. The battles are beneficial in improving the condition of the city and earning funds. With it, the players can improve their rank in the game. The funds those you collect by attacking different players, you should spend them on the development of the city. The city development is completely based on the buildings and their upgrades.

Know more about buildings

The game is featured with different types of buildings. All buildings or constructive units are beneficial in performing numerous activities. The players are required to be focused on several things. From the upcoming points, you can get information about buildings and their uses –

Hero monument – it is kind of statue available in the city. With its help, the players can get additional EXP.

Watchtower – it works as the defensive unit. The main task which is performed about it is notifying the army about the upcoming army. With its, proper use the troops can be prepared easily for facing the attack.

Hospital – with it services, the players are able to provide a medical facility in the city. The main thing is that it is beneficial in wounding the injured troops. Consequently, the troops get strength again and do defence in a better way.

Bank – the bank is working as the resource or funds provider. It also performs an additional work as the storage unit. Both types of generating and storing activities are related to the Gil. By upgrading the bank, the players are able to increase the storing and generating capacity of Gil.

Prison – the players are required to take help from different types of things for effective gameplay. With it, when you attack the opponents at that time you need to face different types of heroes. In case you defeat the enemies then you can capture the enemies easily. With the help of prison, you can do it easily.

Upgrade the buildings

The players need to build the units by focusing on different types of things. Before finalizing the decision, the players are required to check the type of building and its use. It will be helpful in getting that the building is beneficial or not. In case you do not feel the use that particular building then you should avoid forming it.

Off course, resources are the main part of the gameplay. And one should practice good when it comes to get resources in the game. Don’t get fooled by the people who want to offer final fantasy xv a new empire mod apk hack. It is nothing but the junk and will never work at all. Know more about final fantasy xv a new empire cheat on the site mentioned here.

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